Pastor Chuck's Takeaway

Monday morning theological reflections



Chuck on Website“I have served as a Lutheran pastor since 1993 and have been Peninsula Lutheran’s pastor since 2016.  Although it was never my intention to be a parish pastor, I have been blessed and surprised by how much joy I find in pastoral ministry.  To be present with God’s people in times of celebration, crisis, and the stuff of daily life is good.  Elizabeth, my wife, and I have two children, Caroline (16) and Mark (14).  When I am not wrestling with Scripture or transporting my children, I enjoy staying active at the YMCA or planning my next pilgrimage. In May, 2019 I am traveling to Lebanon to work with an Egyptian pastor serving at a refugee camp. In summer of 2020, our church is taking a group to the Mediterranean to experience the “Cities of Paul”. My other passions include reading Sports Illustrated, seeking out a new micro-brewery, and making sure I have a life outside of church.  My favorite biblical character is Jonah. In my experience, we all have ways and means of trying to evade the Almighty. Yet, the grit and greatness of grace is that God pursues us through the years and through the wilderness, ultimately so we can be swept up in his mercy for a Final Homecoming.


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